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  • Photographic consent

    The patient must sign the consent form before any work can be carried out. Download the form below.

  • Take photos

    Ensure you take the correct photos of the patient. Watch our helpful videos for details of what to do.

    QST Photographs 1
    QST Photographs 1
  • iQuantify Space Planning

    Login to the QST members area and click on iQ Digital Platform to use the iQuantify web app.

  • Extra Oral Assessment

    Login to the QST members area and click on iQ Facial Analyser to use the iQuantify web app.

  • Full case assessment

    Complete our iQuestion online form to ensure you have all the required patient data. At the end, it will compile the data in a single file for your dental software.

  • Forum

    Got any questions? If you require a second opinion, you can post pictures and any data you have to the Quick Straight Teeth forum

  • Take impressions

    Take good quality upper and lower alginates using a stable, tear resistant alginate, such as Hydrogum 5 from Zhermack. We also require a simple horse-shoe wax bite.

  • Complete lab docket

    Fill in lab docket

  • Post to QST

    Send the patient impressions and lab docket to QST by freepost using the postage label below.

  • Request iQualify

    If you wish, the lab can use iQualify at this stage to do a digital before and after image to show patients the likely end result. This is done as standard in Q Removable Packages but incurs a £40 extra charge for Q Fixed Packages.

  • Receive appliances

    2 Weeks later you will receive your appliances.