iQ Digital Treatment Planning


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  • Receive box from QST

    The box from QST, for doing fixed cases will contain the following:

    • Indirect bonding trays
    • 3M brackets and tubes
    • 3 wires
    • 3M self-etch primer
    • 3M transbond composite
    • Relief wax
    • Ivoclar Optragate retractor
    • Aesthetic 3M Modules
  • Bondup

    Bond brackets and place 0.014" wire using modules.

    Q Fixed
  • Change wire & IPR

    After 4 weeks, aim to progress to the next archwire (0.016) and tie in 1-2 of the most rotated or displaced teeth with quick ligs or figure 8 modules. Start light progressive IPR.

  • Change wire

    After 4 weeks change to 0.018 wire. More IPR if required. Use power-chain under the wire if there are spaces to close.

    PowerChain Application
  • QST Forum

    Occasionally stubborn teeth may require a Q100 refining aligner or an extra 20x20 square niti wire. Post the photos on the forum for advice, if needed.

End of Treatment

  • Remove wire

    Remove all wires and auxiliaries. Take a PVS putty impression of the palatal surfaces of the teeth that have been aligned.

    PVS Puty Impression
  • Fit bonded retainer

    2 weeks later receive and fit bonded retainer. Take alginate impression after bonded retainer fitted.

    Fixed retainers
  • Receive removable retainer

    2 weeks later receive removable retainer.

  • Retainer checks

    Review the patient after 3 months and then again after an additional 9 months. Recommend yearly (chargeable) checks thereafter.